What to include in your proposal - NERC


Outline Data Management Plan

The Outline Data Management Plan should identify data sets likely to be made available to NERC environmental data centres for archiving and reuse at the end of the grant.

Up to one page of A4 should be used for this purpose.

Costs associated with management of the data once it has been passed to the data centres will be funded separately from the grant and should not be included in the grant proposal.

Any costs associated with preparation of the data by the Investigator’s team should be included on the grant proposal.

The Case for Support and Outline Data Management Plan for successful proposals will be made available to the NERC data centres and where appropriate, used by them to draft, in collaboration with the Principal Investigator, a full Data Management Plan (DMP).

This full DMP should be mutually agreed between the data centre and the Principal Investigator within three to six months of the start date of the grant.

See further guidance on NERC Data Management Plans.

Last updated: 17 August 2021

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