Types of funding we offer - MRC

We support and advance medical research, spending around £800 million each year.

We do this by providing research grants and career awards to scientists. Our funding opportunities are:


Regular, continuous funding opportunities. Proposals are reviewed at board and panel meetings. Funding is available for any area of science relevant to the MRC, to eligible groups and individuals, offering funding on a range of scales, across career stages, from fundamental to translational research.

MRC strategic

Funding opportunities in a specific research area defined by the MRC, usually for a one-off call or a time-limited period. Proposals may have special application and review mechanisms.

We also support research through our institutes, units and centres. Some are highly focused on specific science areas overseen by a board or panel, others have a very broad research remit.

About our funding opportunities

Research grant

Focused research projects that may be short or long term in nature

Programme grant

Larger, longer term and renewable programme funding

Partnership grant

Supports novel partnerships between diverse groupings of researchers

New investigator research grant

For researchers who are ready to become independent principal investigators

MRC industry collaboration agreement

An agreement between commercial and academic partners to undertake collaborative research that can be applied to any grant

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