Trusted research and innovation

Trusted research and innovation is our work programme designed to support cross-sector campaigns which protect all those working in our thriving and collaborative international research and innovation sector.

We are exploring the guidance and expertise we have across our research councils, universities and partner institutions to ensure we have the most appropriate tools and information to protect our staff and work from potential theft and exploitation.

The programme is also working closely with partners across the sector to see where we can align policies and where a coordinated approach may be useful.

UKRI continues to update its practices and approaches to reflect best practices and policies relating to Trusted Research and Innovation. This includes a set of Principles to support recipients of UKRI funding when considering their approaches to ensuring trusted research and innovation. These principles are available below:

We will be updating our policies as the programme rolls-out. In the meantime, more information and guidance on trusted research from UK government and others is available at:

Last updated: 17 August 2021

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